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Everyday life turned inside out! A physical action performance about the extraordinary experiences in ordinary life in a completely normal residential area...

Do you peek discreetly inside a window when you pass by? Do you hear strange noises from your next-door neighbour late at night? Or have you ever wondered about the vast number of garbage bags thrown out by the guy upstairs? What exactly happens on the other side? In the homes of our neighbours, the ones we know so well and those who are strangers to us? How do others really live their lives when no one is looking?


DON GNU turns life in an ordinary apartment building inside out, and what you thought were ordinary and dull everyday actions suddenly turn into something very touching and humorous! In close collaboration with the residents of Høje Gladsaxe and with a huge amount of self-irony, “RESIDENT” places the deepest secrets of ordinary life into public view. “RESIDENT” turns the ordinary inside out and everyday life upside down in such a way that makes the media’s extreme portrayal of reality look like an outdated cartoon - because here the RESIDENTS are the story!

RESIDENT is the last performance in the DON GNU trilogy about the extraordinary experiences of ordinary life.


"BEBOER opens a heart tunnel into the facades of the nameless faces

who live behind the gray walls"

Culture news


"Within the minimalist linguistic framework, the performance jumps out like energetic popcorn in a pot on full fire"

Theater newspaper


"..a raucous, inventive and humorous performance with dance, song and parkour framed in a sweet candyfloss aesthetic"



"pure Don Gnu classic: realistic storytelling with impossible body comedy and dynamic dance, which here has clearly been given a step up in virtuosity"


"..a more poetic side than previous DON GNU works, and the performance (..) has a particular strength in its very direct relationship with the residents of the apartment blocks through the touching interviews"

The DANS magazine



The show i co-produced by DON GNU, Mungo Park og Bora Bora - dance and visual theatre in a close collaboration with the residents in Høje Gladsaxe


Mads Emil Duelund Hansen, Marluze da Cruz, Mikolaj Karczewski & Alice Carreri (singer)

Music made and performed by:

Alice Carreri

Concept, directing & choreography: 

Jannik Elkær & Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen


Film & visual medias:

Christoffer Brekn


Siggi Óli Palmason

Lightning designer:

Jari Matsi 

Producing team: 

Kathrine Kihm & Malene Cathrine Pedersen 


Emilia Therese

A special thanks to: 

The residents in Høje Gladsaxe

Supported by: 

The Danish Arts Foundation, Aarhus Kommune, Gladsaxe Kommune, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Lemvigh-Müller Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, Aage og Johanne Louis Hansens Fond & Knud Højgaards Fond.


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