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Per Vers


LAST ROUND is Danish rap at its most touching, poetic, relevant and humorous

 Per Vers is a performer with power, poetry, personality and a very special audience. On stage to conjure tracks, scratches and moods, Per has the incomparable five-time Danish champion in DJ mix Turkman Souljah, who is a unique one-man army of turntables as well as a piano.


And as a huge scoop, Per has brought the two-man theater troupe DON GNU on the tour. Jannik "Don" Elkær and Kristoffer "Gnu" Andrup Pedersen are Denmark's two best "body actors", i.e. wordless, acrobatic, physical actors who, with costume changes and props, comment on the individual numbers – and take over the show a few times!

It's all wrapped up in an impressive and highly professional big screen production with VJ Mad Es as the invisible but super important co-star. In this way, the audience gets, among other things, opportunity to meet an animated version of Benny Andersen who delivers his living words in collaboration with Per Vers, when we get to hear the new, fantastic tracks that Per and Benny made together a few months before Benny Andersen's death. 


The LAST ROUND release is among the absolute best-reviewed Danish albums of the year.




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